29 January 2010

A Labour MP I can agree with

 Paul Flynn, who is already somewhat of a legend with his rebellious drugs stance, has come out and said people who use bone-crushing handshakes should be charged with assault

Now of course, I would never support another bloody law, but he's jesting (see, he's not a normal Labour polly) - and let's face it, people who do bone-crushers are, excuse-my-french, wankers out to prove how tough they are, who normally occupy some sort of business role and have small dicks

Personally I always go for the attempt to out-crush said idiot, but I do like his sarcastic approach - just give them a funny look and say 'what are you doing?' Although unfortunately I may have to wait til I'm a bit older, as I generally have to be pleasant

I can't wait to be a cantankerous old git

still easing my way back in...

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