30 April 2010

Above, None of the

Why does one have to win?

They all lie about what they will do, none of them need to actually convince the public, none of them will get a majority of votes, and one seems to have serious inter-personal issues (but we knew that didn't we?)

Our system just makes me want to bang my head against the wall, of course three years of unelected Brown has worn me down and I may get better in a few years, but seriously, it's so depressing and I feel so helpless - I'm just focusing on ousting the Tory from my safe seat with some jumped-up Lib Dem, who I don't actually like, just because it's all I can do

And so the only salvation for political geeks like me is.... a good old breach of electoral law! Because let's face it, we need some entertainment in this world

And it's doubly enjoyable because it's all thanks to that inane tool that allows us to get minute-by-minute blows of Stephen Fry's latest risotto

Thankyou Twitter!

23 April 2010

Sleep sound

Honestly, I didn't watch the debate...global affairs? Who cares, there's little between them on the EU, there's no cold war anymore, this election is wholly domestic for me

All I've really come to say is that I am amazed Brown actually said Clegg threatens our safety by opposing Trident

Seriously? ...That year I spent in Australia I was in constant fear...

(oh and the same line about the economy to Cameron was equally shallow - where's the substance, Gordon? It's all how evil the opposition are and NO POLICY)

19 April 2010

Tories deserve what they get

I was just on Guido reading the latest Bingle diatribe and I thought I'd post my thoughts here too:

"There was a mixture of gallows humour and real concern. Nobody could understand why with the most unpopular PM ever and an economy on its back the Tory Party is polling at the same level as Michael Howard when he lost in 2005. The only solution was to have another glass of wine."

Because we don't bloody want the Tories - just because Labour are utter crap does not mean you get to automatically win, that sheer arrogance is why all the swing voters are backing the third party, bring us some real policies, real ideas and real leadership - you do not deserve to win, and people will try their hardest to keep both parties down

How f***ing dare the Tories believe they are entitled to win, effectively they could have put a sheep as head of their party and expected to win - it's wrong, we deserve a choice to vote FOR, not against, our political system is badly broken and that is why the voters with brains will try to get a hung parliament, too long have we been kept down by the cosy collaboration of the big two

And don't even get me started on Cameron's line about voting for Clegg and getting Brown - vote for whoever you bloody want, and people are smart enough to know how to vote tactically on a local basis in our ridiculous system, I really hope that insult to the intelligence of voters pushes more people away from the chinless wonder

17 April 2010

I don't actually need you, Dermot

Dermot O'Leary makes a good point

What's obvious is that these "young people" don't want to be patronised, they don't want to be pigeon-holed or spoken down to. They are better informed with far more information at their fingertips than the generation that went before them.
They just want some straight talking.

And you can bet that the decisions first-time voters make will be predominately on policy, trust and ideology - not who can use a smart phone, is the best dressed, the most attractive or who can name the coolest band
Oh so true, well done, that Dermot

Only, why exactly is this 36 year old bloke off X Factor supposedly representing my views?

Aren't the BBC stepping into exactly the same trap as the politicians by treating young people as some sort of mystic force that must be understood and communicated via the means of popular entertainment which we all must watch?

Dermot's bang on that we don't want to be patronised by idiots like Cameron and Brown trying to sound like they can rap, but nor do we want to be patronised by the BBC who thinks we need our own 'first voter question time' (not that I personally am), or that we all watch X Factor, listen to 'black and urban music' and use bloody Twitter

All we want is someone to represent the views of the disaffected youth, the main parties cannot offer that with their middle aged mandates - they never have been able to, and I don't need sodding Dermot O'Leary talking down to me to tell me that

09 April 2010

Lazy Posting

I'm afraid I am rubbish at posting - work really screws up your free time doesn't it? No wonder it's only students and the unemployed who can handle blogging - also explains why so few people really bother with politics (I did know that before, it's just depressing)

Anyway...I'm thoroughly sick of the election campaign already - have we had any firm manifesto pledges? No...

As yet all we get are pledges to be 'fairer', and the Tories won't even rule out that VAT rise...(as Guido points out)

They are all talking crap and do you know why? Because they can...they are guaranteed to win one way or the other and that is why are politicians have no integrity or care for the good of the nation - we either need to wake up and defeat them, or we need a 'none of the above' box

Or we need to stop being whiny and bloody riot

01 April 2010

Lies, damn lies

Following on from yet another Labour statistics lie ('mistake') - and for fairness sake I'll point out Chris Grayling was also guilty of such a 'mistake', we have another rebut from an impartial statistics comapany, this time it's Yougov

The Torygraph make some bizarre claims about their 'Labour bias' - I'll let you decide who makes a better case

As usual, I'm backing the person with more intelligence, integrity and experience - which is never the politico

And of course, Yougov will be scrutinised come about 5 weeks, the same can't be said for the tabloids