19 April 2010

Tories deserve what they get

I was just on Guido reading the latest Bingle diatribe and I thought I'd post my thoughts here too:

"There was a mixture of gallows humour and real concern. Nobody could understand why with the most unpopular PM ever and an economy on its back the Tory Party is polling at the same level as Michael Howard when he lost in 2005. The only solution was to have another glass of wine."

Because we don't bloody want the Tories - just because Labour are utter crap does not mean you get to automatically win, that sheer arrogance is why all the swing voters are backing the third party, bring us some real policies, real ideas and real leadership - you do not deserve to win, and people will try their hardest to keep both parties down

How f***ing dare the Tories believe they are entitled to win, effectively they could have put a sheep as head of their party and expected to win - it's wrong, we deserve a choice to vote FOR, not against, our political system is badly broken and that is why the voters with brains will try to get a hung parliament, too long have we been kept down by the cosy collaboration of the big two

And don't even get me started on Cameron's line about voting for Clegg and getting Brown - vote for whoever you bloody want, and people are smart enough to know how to vote tactically on a local basis in our ridiculous system, I really hope that insult to the intelligence of voters pushes more people away from the chinless wonder

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