30 April 2010

Above, None of the

Why does one have to win?

They all lie about what they will do, none of them need to actually convince the public, none of them will get a majority of votes, and one seems to have serious inter-personal issues (but we knew that didn't we?)

Our system just makes me want to bang my head against the wall, of course three years of unelected Brown has worn me down and I may get better in a few years, but seriously, it's so depressing and I feel so helpless - I'm just focusing on ousting the Tory from my safe seat with some jumped-up Lib Dem, who I don't actually like, just because it's all I can do

And so the only salvation for political geeks like me is.... a good old breach of electoral law! Because let's face it, we need some entertainment in this world

And it's doubly enjoyable because it's all thanks to that inane tool that allows us to get minute-by-minute blows of Stephen Fry's latest risotto

Thankyou Twitter!

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