09 April 2010

Lazy Posting

I'm afraid I am rubbish at posting - work really screws up your free time doesn't it? No wonder it's only students and the unemployed who can handle blogging - also explains why so few people really bother with politics (I did know that before, it's just depressing)

Anyway...I'm thoroughly sick of the election campaign already - have we had any firm manifesto pledges? No...

As yet all we get are pledges to be 'fairer', and the Tories won't even rule out that VAT rise...(as Guido points out)

They are all talking crap and do you know why? Because they can...they are guaranteed to win one way or the other and that is why are politicians have no integrity or care for the good of the nation - we either need to wake up and defeat them, or we need a 'none of the above' box

Or we need to stop being whiny and bloody riot

1 comment:

  1. I think rioting is probably the best option, Tarquin - everyone I know, (myself included), is already fed up to the back teeth with this sodding "election campaign"!