05 March 2010

Who's 'less knowledgeable'?

Apparently young people are

"less knowledgeable, less interested and less politically active than average"

I can agree with the last two, but less knowledgeable sounds a bit insulting - perhaps they are less aware of Nick Clegg, but these polls tend to focus on parliamentary politics, not actual politics

Actual politics is student loans, university admissions, gay rights, economic policy, and sigh...climate change, not old duffers on green benches taking potshots at each other, young people are as political as ever, they just have less interest in a pointless, weak and corrupt institution which they have no say over

The real answer is simple - young people aren't interested because they aren't represented, they don't vote because they can't win and therefore they aren't interesting to politicians, except in a few urban places like Brighton

The only votes interesting to the pollies are, of course, the elderly, and the various middle-aged groups, I forget how many MPs are under thirty now, it may only be one now, but possibly two

Two! To represent a third of the population...yes I'm counting kids in that, but for a simple reason - if you're born today you will have to wait thirty-to-forty years to see your contemporaries in power, the views of young adults are generally heard twenty years late, and so can you blame them when they don't get a chance to vote for their own generation? They have different views and different agendas, and they aren't heard by politicians, so why should they be interested in them?

What we get is incredibly patronising 'down with the kids' rubbish (a bit like that BBC article) where a massive age-band of voters are treated like fools by their parents' peers, I constantly hear older commentators wish to stop the under-35s getting into Parliament (I did count once - it was below twenty ffs...) but they get their views heard, why shouldn't the young? You may as well raise the voting age and be done with it

Simply put, if you place actual young people up for young people's votes, rather than getting David Cameron in a hoody, they might actually vote

(and yes, I vote...out of spite)

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