24 August 2010

The Bond retrospective - Number 19

Do I have to tell you?

Coming in at 19th (or virtual last) is...

Die Another Day

More exciting than Golden Gun, but it's still the film that nearly killed Bond - Halle Berry given equal billing? Invisible cars? Ice palaces? So much product placement it’s beyond parody, and then there’s the various references to older films – some, like the Union Jack parachute, wheel spikes and the shoe blade are wonderful tips of the hat for Bond fans, but others, like the reference to Diamonds are Forever being to copy half the plot, and the renowned Ursula Andress bikini scene just feel like rip-offs, in fact the whole film just feels like a bloody reference to the other nineteen films padded out with a large amount of explosions. Yet it all starts out so well – a typical Brosnan action scene starts us off and his capture and torture sets it up well, but it all goes downhill after about half an hour as we descend into Halle Berry and a non-existent plot, but it did give us Daniel Craig…

Some enjoyable references

Most of the film
Madonna cameo…


  1. Think I agree with you Tarquin. Die Another Day was one of the more forgettable Bond films. In fact, until you blogged about it I had forgotten about it...!

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  3. Halle Berry DID NOT receive equal billing with Pierce Brosnan in "Die Another Day". She was not the first Bond girl to be a fellow agent. She followed in the footsteps of Lois Chiles, Barbara Bach, Mie Ama, Michelle Yeoh and so forth.

    And why do you have such a bug up your ass about Halle Berry, anyway? Why are you so stuck on bashing her or blaming her for most of what was wrong about the film?