11 April 2011

Maybe I will vote 'yes' after all

Another No to AV campaign video, and now it's just getting silly

To be honest this sort of bullshit where they make up all sorts of nonsense to scare people is starting to wind me up

Firstly Alan B'stard makes a comeback in a ridiculously unrealistic political scenario - fairly clearly aimed at your average man in the street who doesn't do politics, but I was struck by the fact that the result was exactly the same as what we have now - a party who tear up their manifesto and do a deal with the Lib Dems to form government and have no accountability

...in what way is that different to what we have? They just tacked on 'because of AV', when FPTP has given us exactly the same situation

Then they end with the frankly offensive statement 'one person, one vote' - one of the main beefs of reformers like me is that we do not currently have 'one person, one vote' - more than half of voters cannot win and therefore do not even have a chance of being heard, for FPTP campaigners to somehow claim it is one person and one vote is downright lying (of course it technically is, and the film deliberately obscured the lines between voting for a government and a single MP)

What they really want is 'one Tory/Labour voting person, one vote...in a safe seat'

Anyway - Yes to AV! Out of spite

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  1. I had the best laugh of the week today. A couple of days ago, I'd written "Vote Yes" in the dirt on the back window of my van. A work colleague, co-incidentally standing for the Tories in the local elections, saw it today and his reaction was priceless. At one stage I was even under threat of having my legs broken if I voted YES, but I think he was joking. I was just amused that I'd been driving around for 500 miles with that written on the rear window and had parked the van in our cul-de-sac overnight, twice, without him noticing...!

    It seems to me that DC's argument that it is not fair because some peoples votes are counted more than once is about as spurious as it gets, put forward by those with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo...

    I really like the idea of being able to specify my order of preference of the candidates, perhaps even not voting for some of them because they are too horrible to contemplate. AV works for me, but perhaps only because I'm not a member or active supporter of any party..

    If some of the die-hards want to take things to the extreme and only specify their first preference, i.e. Conservative or Labour that's fair enough, let them do so. The AV rules don't prevent that, but they should remember that it is their choice not to specify their preference for alternative candidates, they've had exactly the same chance as everybody else so they can't reasonably argue that it is unfair...