15 September 2009

The BBC - licking labour's boots yet again

I see those dastardly chaps, Nick Robinson and Robert Peston, are at it again - Peston having had a 'lovely chat' with Brown according to Frankos at B-BBC

And just look at this glowing review he gave him after that 'lovely chat':

I have just interviewed the prime minister. Which is often challenging, because of his famous habit of ignoring his interlocutors' questions and saying what he intended to say all along.

And, I'm afraid to say, he didn't choose today to engage precisely and directly with my lines of enquiry.

Translation: "My love for the great leader is undying!"

And meanwhile, Robinson is even more simpering:

Peter Mandelson has been re-writing the government's line on public spending cuts but no-one can re-write political history.

I suggested on the Today programme this morning that if you listened hard you might just hear the sound of shredders in Whitehall as Gordon Brown's "lines to take" on spending were disposed of - in particular, the prime minister's insistence that the choice facing the electorate was "Tory cuts" versus "Labour investment". Lord Mandelson suggested that the words had never actually been used. Not so. [here follows several Hansard examples]

Unquestioning loyalty!!

Hmm, it does appear that my allegation of bias is a little weak here...

Aha! You see, they have realised Labour are a lost cause and have jumped ship

The BBC - even when they're not biased, they're biased


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