21 September 2009

Feeling lazy

I'm feeling a bit lazy at the moment - haven't posted all weekend, and now I've lost my rhythm a bit

I want to say something on tuition fees and all the bollocks about it right now, but I just don't feel like getting my head round it, think I'll just read around til something really pisses me off

Update: Greg Dyke's take on the world also pleases me - he's not accusing the BBC of an actual conspiracy but he clearly feels the establishment, which includes the BBC and all mainstream media, are natural roadblocks to improving our democracy - he makes some very good points

1 comment:

  1. Quite right, too, Tarquin, I usually find when that happens that the two best things to get you back into the swing of it are, 1) a really good piece of news that fucks up Labour or the EU, and 2)news about the EU or Labour machinations that really fucking ANNOY me!!
    I don't expect it will take long.