23 December 2009

When marriage is at all time low, is it a good idea to insult everyone who isn't married?

The Tory marriage plan really irks at me - first and foremost it's based on flawed analysis and shallow reasoning - and secondly, it's just insulting to all those from 'broken homes' (like me!)

The Tories say marriage will become exclusively middle-class, and that will be detrimental to lower-income people, right... Forgive me if I find that a little bit patronising

I'm middle-class (perhaps upper-lower-middle-class) and my mother never married, on principle - she may just be being bloody-minded but we seem to have done quite well, and I'm telling you I know of few people who agree with this 'marriage is great' rubbish - the younger ones who do want to get married have no issue with co-habiters and blended families, they're so common it's impossible not to accept them

The only people likely to go for it are the Tory hardcore - the sort of people who believe Peter Hitchens is real, perhaps it's to shore up the core vote as the Tories drift increasingly to the middle, much like Labour ramp up benefits and protect public sector jobs for their core

This is the one socially conservative policy the Tories have - but I question it, traditional old ladies may agree with it, but I would say a lot of people dislike it and it's probably doing more harm than good by annoying those swing voters who tend to sit in the middle and could see this as old fashioned bigotry

It may be that other issues take precedence in the election, but it does nothing for me but turn me off Cameron - I find it to be judgemental, another minus point for the Tories - not that I'm the sort of voter they want, of course

*Apologies for the lazy entry - it's Christmas, I'm busy and can only devote so much of my time to being angry

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  1. Marriage is an important, traditional British institution. Like our prisons...

    I'm single too BTW. Something that is probably connected with being grumpy, but I'm not really sure if it is cause or effect. Bit of both I suspect...

    I've found that one misses out on quite a lot through being being unmarried, some of it good some of it less so.

    The thing that I feel I've missed out on (besides the obvious) is having somebody supportive around if the world is getting on top of me a bit. Somebody to say something or do something that will change my train of thought instead of letting it plough into the buffers at full speed...

    But blogmates are just as good at keeping me out of the buffers as any wife would be...

    Happy Christmas Tarquin!