26 March 2009

Hypocrisy: Daily Fail style

Pregnancies are soaring - unacceptable, government's response is to free up abortion advertising - unacceptable

Also proposed were: increased sex education - unacceptable as 'namby-pamby, liberal hand wringing tripe' and complete segregating of the sexes in society - unacceptable as 'Stalinist'

I may be exaggerating somewhat, but the point stands - how can you whinge about a situation, and then whinge about the proposed solution as well? - the Mail are being as difficult as the Catholics on this

I mean what do they actually expect? The government to somehow prevent sexually active young people having sex? If they did it with force they would be condemned (quite rightly) - and anything else will either promote condoms or abortions, or be too soft

Let's face it, at the end of the day teenage sexual activity is down to their own control, their parents influence and more than likely - their socio-economic background

We all know the Mail are out to sell papers and condemn everything - I just don't get how people can buy into the blatant hypocrisy in that headline (let alone the article), I doubt it's even worth mentioning the proposals also extend to condoms, which elicit far less reaction and are conveniently omitted from the headline - "they're promoting sex they are!"

I know it's fruitless to complain, but it just angers me

meanwhile "Phyllis Bowman, of the anti-abortion Right to Life group, complained there are very strict rules preventing organisations like hers running their own campaigns"

Is it just me, or does the name 'Phyllis' conjure up the image of an 83-year old WI member? But let me enlighten you Phyllis: the reason is because your campaigns are based in religious doctrine and are effectively a protest against a law, the same reason you can't go on TV and tell the gay people to stop having sex because it spreads HIV

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