19 March 2009

"ooo, a blog! how 2008"

So, I did it, I finally made a blog...yay me

Fed up of posting comments on a multitude of blogs and forums under the usual guise of Tarquin, I decided to collate my rants into one easily-ignorable blog

This is of course the benefit of being unemployed - at least in this recession we all have something to do with our free time (until we can no longer pay the broadband bill, that is)

Whilst I have an obscure, oft-used personal blog already out there (mostly a combination of football and rants about various political issues) I have always avoided writing a proper blog, mainly because I expect no one to read it, but frankly right now seems the perfect time - and I have spent too long reading the various "real" blogs out there (like Guido, Dizzy, even John Prescott, as well as BBC and newspaper blogs) to not want to bleat on too

I have always been cynical of the "blogosphere" and its impact on politics as basically an extension of the so-called Westminster village - the internet may provide us with a new tool for the disemination of data but few real people out there (the ones whose votes carry the real power) engage with discussion, never have, and I wonder if they ever will - they are more likely to vote for Daz on the X factor than some bloke in a suit every five years, and I cannot really blame them

But that should not stop me, or anyone else, from doing something, for as Burke said - "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"

Or did he?

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