26 March 2009

Ultimate bias

So the 'blogosphere' has been in overdrive the last day or two with Daniel Hannan's speech and here it is on the BBC

The BBC were of course too biased to show it when it first came to light, as every other media outlet did...

In fact I'm lying - nobody carried it, there was no editorial reason to publish it any more than any other speech, as Andrew Neil pointed out in his blog, its massive viral impact is what has made it newsworthy - and particularly relevant to the Daily Politics, who are currently obsessed with blogs, and rather conveniently had the grand debate between Guido and Derek Draper due today.

It has now gone stateside, thanks to Drudge and consequently Fox picked it up right away (See Guido, I'm not giving Fox a hit) - if you really want to know bias, you should take note of them - not even our most partisan of broadcasters come close to the asshattery of Fox News.

See Hannan's blog here - he also made a good point about how Americans seem to dominate the net readership, I noticed my own traffic shot up after I posted about the AIG bonuses

It's odd for a highly connected, densely populated country like ours to not have much blog presence, considering how far we have embraced internet shopping and business - I've always assumed we get drowned out by the vastly higher number of 'foreign' english speakers in America, but maybe we have just not embraced the political side of the internet yet

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