13 November 2009

Can't always win

Guido helpfully told everybody that William Hill were offering 1/2 on Labour winning Glasgow East - 50% profit, lucky bastard

I was of course, asleep! Bloody time difference

but I like money...

Edit: Sorry, that's Glasgow North East (that goes for you too, Guido)

Labour did in fact win by over 8,000 votes, but with a reduced turnout of 33%

In other news, politicians are still scum:

"Tonight people have had their say. They have backed Gordon Brown in his efforts to secure our economic recovery, they have sent a resounding 'No' to Alex Salmond and his treatment of our great city and a resounding 'No' to David Cameron."

I know they have to say something, but really? At the general election are the remaining Labour MPs going to say, in their safe seats, that the people have shown their support for Gordon Brown, because that's what this is - in six months Willie Bain is going to go through exactly the same process, wil he think it's a victory for Gordon then?

This was a safe seat, held by Labour for over seventy years - why do you think the speaker had it in the first place?

You want the real truth about this result -

Labour vote down - >2000
Labour majority down - c.2000
Turnout down - 8000
SNP vote down - c.1000
BNP vote up - 100

Labour claiming any sort of victory (particularly national) for 'winning' one of their safest seats is just offensive

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