04 November 2009

Please Go

I received an e-mail in response to the please go petition I, and more than 70,000 other people signed

Here it is

What has that got to do with a request for a resignation?

I knew he would never go because of it, but he can at least respond to it properly - we already feel shut out because he wasn't even elected and the party we elected have completely changed tack since the election (not that I voted for them, but I do respect democracy, and manifesto pledges)

Just feels like a dictator telling us all to bugger off and leave him alone - but he has no right to do that job

...and they spelt 'focused' wrong


  1. It gives us a bit of an insight to how PMQs is conducted every week, Tarquin. No point whatsoever in asking questions or making demands - the answer is always the same.

    BTW, they did spell "focussed" correctly and even now the Americanised spellchecker is telling me I've spelt it wrong which I haven't. It's basically telling me that the above should be "focused", "Americanized" and "spelled" - not in UK English, they're not. I can remember clearly being taught how to spell "focussed" at primary school and that there had to be two esses - it came right back to me as I read your post.

  2. I meant to say that the English language is being corrupted via the back door by American English in our computers - we are simply two nations separated by a common language.

  3. hmm, I always get confused as to which is which, I rarely encounter 'focussed' so I tend to view focused as right

    Now, I have a dilemma - sell out to the yanks or admit Brown wasn't wrong