06 July 2009

Chicken Soup

I've been a bit quiet the last week or so, laid down with the flu - yep, real flu, never had that before - it is in fact an outbreak down under and is actually physically worse than swine flu, but whatever, it doesn't get the reader numbers up

Anyway, I'm mostly recovered now - I did notice Guido was having his own story with swine flu, he really shouldn't worry - it's complete bollocks, it's milder than real flu and almost completely harmless, half of me only thinks the governments responded because the media liked it (by 'half' I mean all of me)

Missed a fair bit so I'll work my way in slowly - the one issue that's got me is this ridiculous gay 'issue' - it's all gesturing, I never realised how much the gay vote was worth, must be nice to be a wanted demographic - but Labour are the dogs for attacking the Tories first with a completely underhanded swipe

Once again it showed off their true colours, trying to smear the Tories with emotive labels and make them seem nasty, when they're the ones doing all the name-calling - this ridiculous battle-line idea Brown is clinging to is shameful

But the bit that really got me - saying 'to oppose the Equalities bill is to oppose equality' - cheap underhand trick, mark my words give it five years and all our legislation, such as a dodgy terrorism measure, will have titles like the 'saving puppies' bill - so if you oppose it you're nasty - 'who opposes saving puppies!?'

Sounds daft, but this is already what they're doing

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