16 July 2009

Hang on...didn't he quit?

Apparently Tony Blair will be our 'official' candidate for the formal position of 'EU president'

The point that nobody got a chance to vote on this issue, and even when the Irish did they were told to go back and do it again, is by-the-by here

But why does a man who willingly quit his elected position for no actual reason feel he should be the unelected president of the EU? 'I can't run a state...but I can run a super-state'

And why should I trust a man who was elected on a lie (I will serve a full third term...) - slippery bastard

And to top it all off sodding 'Mrs. unelectable Kinnock' is the one who announces it...I know politics has always been about jobs for the boys, but even the vague facade of democracy is just being sidelined by this lot

In related news, this is a clearly pro-government headline from the no.2 spot:

The government is expected to announce a scaled-down version of its grand plan to create up to 10 "eco towns".

Not at all condescending...

1 comment:

  1. Jobs for the boys indeed.

    We need a coup. Perhaps not a military one, but a peoples coup led by some good independents at the next election.

    It is time for a clear-out, not just in Politics but in the City too...