02 July 2009

Pay for your own life

The Mail is always good for a laugh, here we can see princess Beatrice's uni quarters

Now, typically I don't trust a word they say, currently they have an agenda to show the Queen as brilliant and her eldest son, and every one else in the family as a useless waster - maybe it's true, but for now I reserve judgement as it's based on bugger-all

But they do make a point - we shouldn't be paying for minor royals, who have no worth to the nation

Why does she get to opt out of uni digs like the rest of us? I know she's always going to be privileged, but why should the state have to fund anything on top of that?

I am of course bitter because no doubt this privileged princess will go on to find a lucrative media 'job' with one of the royal's companies, while us graduates of much better unis than Goldsmith's, because she has the traditional intelligence of a royal, will spend the next few years in misery

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