06 July 2009

No I.Didn't


"To scrap the scheme now, as the motion demands, would be an extremely expensive mistake which would deny the British people the practical and pragmatic step which they voted for in 2005 and have supported ever since."

I love how politicians can lie and say what we want...is it based on some old poll or something? Latest research definitely shows the public is very anti-ID

Then there's 'the British people voted for it' - and you can't deny the people, right? Well in actual fact, considering both opposition parties are against it that means 14.7 million people voted against it, only 9.5 million voted for it

That may not be our system, but start bringing in those voting arguments then you're going to get the inevitable reply - the government do not have majority support and cannot say the voters support anything, all they can say is they have enough seats - you can't deny a representative system in one hand and then try to use it for your own justification in the other

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