17 October 2009

Back from hiatus...and already exposing awful bias

The people over at Biased-BBC do such a good job pointing out our state broadcaster's left-wing agenda, George R carefully points out that:

Far-left BBC says that 'far-right' Geert Wilders has arrived in London.

"Far-right Dutch MP arrives in UK"


Far-left 'Guardian' chums of BBC also describe Geert Wilders as 'far right' -presumably, 'far right' now means someone who believes in free speech, and not the incitement of Islamic jihad violence.
Ah, exactly the same language as the leftie paper


Far-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders faces Muslim protest after arriving in the UK

That'd be from the Mail, but those good old proper journalists at the Times left such an allegation out of their headline, they just snuck it into the first line

 A very easy target for me, I admit, and I don't want to become like OMTE, because that's his turf and he's very good at it but I really do get fed up with the idiocy and misinformation on B-BBC (it's in my blurb after all - I hate hypocrisy) - it's doing no-one any favours, boys (and occasional girls) - it's just a smear campaign dressed up as some sort of review site

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