19 October 2009

Sorry, but that was rubbish

Perusing the Mail, as you do, I couldn't help but notice Cheryl Cole's performance at the weekend, seeing as the Mail seem to have a constant headline about the ITV show (video embedded)

Now, I am no X factor fan, and that was probably the longest period I've watched it for (about 4 minutes) so I may not be a good judge of these things, but wasn't it really, really rubbish?

I could barely get the lyrics, there was nothing memorable about the song and the only remotely interesting part was when the beat picked up at the end, more notable for many gyrating hips than the actual music

Simon Cowell, of course, praised it as an incredible performance, and said that it'll be number one next week - can't say I'll bother checking, but really? Normally I at least find the latest number one a bit catchy, but that thing was tame and tepid - was he referring to the dance routine, or the stage performance in general? Because the song itself was pretty dire in my view

And she bloody mimed! I don't get how you can praise a woman for miming on a show that judges some incredible (I assume) live singing every week - 'oh, you nobodies have to sing properly, but the judge can go out there and lip-synch, because she's a bigger talent...'

Oh, and check out what she wears, a week after telling a girl off for being too revealing (or some such) - I would post the not-hugely-arousing pics myself, but I fear lawyers...

I guess the X factor and the Mail deserve each other based on that logic, but meh...what do I know about pop culture

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