17 October 2009

Who wants to help expose a Labour councillor?

Please dear reader (if there are any) check out this report by Mark Easton

Then read comment 141 by Ultra_Fox and tell me if I'm wrong that this guy is being pretty offensive by calling the interviewees BNP voters - I'd be pretty pissed if that was my councillor, he claims to be a councillor so we have him identified down to one of three New Parks councillors (if he is one), please point out to me if I am mistaken, as I am fairly certain there is absolutely no mention of the BNP in the report

Here is a twitter account by the same name, perhaps a coincidence...

He may of course be lying about who he is, which is why I'm not naming anyone but I would like to expose this guy if it is a real councillor, if mine called me a BNP voter based on apathy (of the electorate: 7% voted BNP, about 12% voted Labour, and 70% didn't vote) I would be rather incensed and I think residents of New Parks should know - any advice from anyone out there on what to do?

and here is his comment in full, jut in case it disappears

"141. At 5:01pm on 16 Oct 2009, Ultra_Fox wrote:
As a Councillor in New Parks (check my details out on Twitter) I, along with others, co-operated extensively with Mark both before and during his visit.

To say that we are disappointed with the end products - both the news report and this article - is a massive understatement.

First of all, the sample of residents interviewed by Mark was hardly representative of the New Parks community. If they were, the BNP vote would number several thousands (instead of the actual figure of 788 in 2007), and I wouldn't hold the office that I do.

Secondly, Mark placed rather too much emphasis on the views of drinkers in a local pub - a venue which has been largely unchanged since it opened in the 1960s. And indeed, accents apart, the comments from the clientele would have done Alf Garnett proud. But many other residents treat the saloon-bar bigots with contempt they deserve, instead of venerating them like the distressingly-gullible scribe.

There were many other members of the New Parks community who made considerable efforts to speak to Mark, and indeed went to considerable lengths to accommodate him, yet were completely ignored. It appeared to them, and to me, that the gist of the report was largely preconceived.

Much was made about the extent of adult illiteracy in the area. However, it's a problem which Leicester City Council, partner bodies and many residents themselves are working hard to address - hence the investment in local schools and the construction of the new Library Centre due to open next March (which, strangely enough, Mark also chose to overlook).

In fact, Mark appeared determined to disregard the positive aspects of life in New Parks completely.

Mark concludes by saying he wishes to "foster a thoughtful and intelligent debate about one of the key issues affecting the United Kingdom."

So do I.

But I'm seeing precious little evidence of thoughtful and intelligent debate here."

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