23 October 2009

Who are the fascists here?

Intriguing scenes as several hundred protesters stormed the BBC in protest at Nick Griffin's appearance on Question Time - several got through the police cordon and inside the building

The Indie reports that

By the time filming began at around 7.30pm, six people had been arrested and three police officers had been injured. One was taken to hospital by ambulance where he was treated for a head injury.

Now normally I am as anti-authority as they come, when the police stifle protest and impede free speech at the request of our quite-often unelected leaders - but in this case it was, rather bizarrely the police who were defending free speech, and keeping protesters out, rather than in

It was groups, such as the UAF, who forced their way past police officers, injuring several as they attempted to prevent Nick Griffin from speaking

I'm all for legitimate, peaceful protest, if they wanted to protest the BNP then fine - but they weren't, they were trying to deny him a voice because essentially they disagreed with him

So, I ask: who are the real fascists here?

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