07 August 2009

At least she likes one man

The Union-leading husband of the rabid feminist we call Hattie is apparently to be gifted a safe seat

He will be given the seat for apparently supporting Gordon (although this is the Mail we're talking about here)

Like her or not, this ain't right - people shouldn't be being placed in Parliament because of who they know, that's not democracy

Well, in actuality the whole concept of a 'safe seat' is thoroughly repulsive to democracy, and I'm certainly not naive, I know it's how almost all of them got there - but as this is the 'equalities minister' we're talking about it seems fair for me to be a little idealistic

When even the resident feminist is getting jobs for the boys you really do have to wonder if our Parliament will ever regain some authority

Furthermore, he's getting this for supporting one of the worst Prime Ministers in history, who will soon be defeated and drag down scores of real MPs - this isn't even in the interest of the party, let alone the country (I have long since abandoned that ideal)

Politics at its worst

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