01 August 2009

Sweet Jesus

How on Earth do you work over 100 hours a week

I used to work 7 day weeks, 9 hour shifts - that's *only* 63 hours, and believe me that's taxing - if only from the point of view that you're never at home

Doctors may have a far more rewarding job but 100 hours is basically work, then sleep - 6 hours a night is 42 hours a week asleep, leaves barely 20 hours outside work

To be honest, despite getting double the amount of free time they do (in 'some' cases admittedly) I barely remember free time - the occasional hour in the morning involves feeding yourself, as does much of the evening - that's no life

It's an important job no doubt, but 100 hours hardly seems a healthy lifestyle - I would've guessed junior doctors worked between 60 and 80 hours, I can't even contemplate over a hundred


  1. I wouldn't fancy being treated by anyone that clearly must be absolutely shattered all the time

  2. Good point - and these are the ones 'trying out' sticking needles in you