27 August 2009

Labour don't understand non-conformity

Whoops...now Dan Hannan is praising Enoch Powell

Labour, in the form of Mandelson, immediately jumped on it describing the Tories as 'two-faced'

That seems a little extreme to me - are you not allowed opinions any more? Simply because one renegade MEP says something does that mean Dave Cameron secretly agrees with it?

Are you seriously telling me that all 349 Labour MPs (and their 13 MEPs) agree with Brown and his chums? There must still be a few proper socialists in there, and is Frank Field 'on message'?

Like hell he is - and dissent is an excellent thing in a rigidly controlled party system, and so yet again, despite Hannan doing something pretty controversial, to the moderate like myself Labour come off looking worse by not supporting dissenting opinion within their own ranks (and lying about it to boot)

This is how Labour think - yet another reason not to vote for them (not that I'm supporting Dave, but he is doing an excellent job at letting Labour do all their own demolition work)


  1. This interview was done weeks before the NHS interview, Labour's first damp squib lobbed at our Dan! Now they are attempting their tried and trusted Enoch Powell assault but here also they are either clutching at straws or the cat has pissed on the matches! You know how Captain Kirk never actually said "Beam me up, Scotty" - well Enoch Powell never ever actually uttered the words "Rivers of blood"! That was the work of Labour's propagandists of the time.

    Indeed the current statement with which Fondlebum, the odious Prince of Darkness are trying to stick to Dan Hannan are also.....wait for it....a fucking LIE. These lefty morons never learn and hope the rest of us don't either!!!! Sorry, you twats, but we do learn.

    Here is what Dan Hannan actually said and I would wager you don't disagree with a single word of it:-

    "In the British context, Enoch Powell. He was, as somebody who understood the importance of national democracy, who understood why you need to live in an independent country and what that meant, as well as being a free marketeer and a small government Conservative."

    What's wrong with that? Sounds right to me!

  2. Indeed, he said the slightly less evocative '[I see] the River Tiber foaming with much blood.'

    I have seen what Hannan said, and the BBC reported Cameron said he wouldn't do anything because he didn't even mention the famous speech or immigration - however I did not know the speech was old - this is the source interview and it's dated 24th August, probably he's said it before but they're jumping on this case?


  3. With lots of knifings and shootings happening these days, quite often (it seems) within the ethnic communities, one has to wonder if Enoch was actually as wrong as the "politically-correct", wider public opinion always portrays him to be...

  4. He was right about the 10% by 2000 thing - but his analysis of lawlessness has been a little off, and the whole 'negro' thing was a bit much for me