21 August 2009

Food from your garden is still food!

Dear God the Mail never tire of getting irate at non-issues

A man placed waste apples FROM HIS GARDEN, into THE GARDEN WHEELIE-BIN and the big scary men at the council had a go at him (actually they stuck a sticker on the bin and didn't empty it)

This of course equates to:

Officials at Flintshire County Council in North Wales decreed that just because something is waste and comes from the garden, it doesn't necessarily qualify as garden waste

Yes, the Stalinist overlords decreed it...

Now I'm not one to normally stick up for government but doesn't this seem entirely sensible? There are rules on which bins are for what - garden waste is rather different to food waste - it refers to branches, leaves, cuttings, flowers, grass and so on - plant material which can be used for mulch and other stuff, it's also a helpful way of getting rid of bits of cumbersome tree when you do some gardening - rather than take it to that special bin at the dump (yes, the special bin full of branches where you wouldn't be throwing apples, would you??) - think of it as like council gardeners who trim back hedges and trees, they only take away this sort of stuff

Apples meanwhile are food, which may or may not have come from the shop, do you really expect the bin-men to ask? Most people are aware that you don't put the compost in the garden bin (it's usually written on it!), like they should be aware that you shouldn't put lemons in a compost bin (too acidic) - but not in Mail world, instructions must be more explicit and nothing must be done to correct the faultless citizens who get it wrong, that's communism...

Now in the simple world of Mail readers, because it comes from the GARDEN, it must go in the 'garden bin', so presumably any crappy fruit and veg from your veggie patch should be going in there? Rather than in compost or general waste....(keen gardener in question was of course using composting already and had filled it, thus making him immune to criticism) - these are two rather different bins going to different places for different purposes, I have an 'organic material only' bin - shall I throw in my leftover organic chicken?? This is thinking worthy of Neanderthals

Dear lord people, these are quite clearly different processes - the only crime here is that the council have clearly thought too highly of these idiots

I know it's silly season...but this is regular fare for the Mail, they fill their pages full of crap about pretty women and their boobs and still they can't find a real issue to whinge about

Update: the comments are fun as always - worst rated are the sensible ones, top rated are the ones spewing forth hatred at councils (and somehow they've got onto uncooked meat) - good to know even the mail online sticks to type

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