19 August 2009


Here we go again...why do they do it?

These veteran Tories really do not understand how out of touch they are, Patrick Cormack wants MPs' pay to be doubled in exchange for scrapping expenses, meanwhile Hogg (he of the moat) wants a six-figure salary, and expenses

and they say the young feel entitled

These fools really do think they are worth it, their heads are so far up their own arses they can practically see daylight - what justification is there for this? They give the impression that they have always occupied a world where they have earned mega-bucks and really don't understand that all those who earn less than 64k are not the unemployed masses

Cormack thinks it needs to be as high as this to attract the professional and business classes - right...he thinks the professional and business classes only make up the top 5% of earners? What he is proposing is within the top 1% - that is only a normal wage for the top barrister and company director - the only sort of people worthy of being an MP in his eyes no doubt

On a factual note, both my parents are 'professional class' and neither earn 64k, and they live pretty comfortably, and as for my opinion - I don't believe in paying MPs exceptional amounts just so they won't cheat is right

I've gone on about this so many times, but the sheer arrogance of some of these people is extraordinary - we need a better, less-entitled type of politician, who happens to think £64k is a huge amount for doing what is probably less work than an average worker, we aren't going to get that by giving the political classes even more

Update: Guido says it better than me, as always

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  1. The man is a pompous twat as is that other pillock Douglas Hogg who said the same thing. Cameron needs to have a serious clearout of all those old dinosaurs or they will keep dropping him in it. Just think back to that jealous bastard, Portillo - Heseltine was another and every time they opened their mouths they did more damage. Best take them out and shoot them!