28 September 2010

The Bond retrospective - Number 9

It's getting difficult! Time for our first Dalton I think

Did I mention realism?
9. The Living Daylights

Ah, ‘the one with the cello’ as it’s commonly known round my way, Dalton came in as the anti-Moore and took it to rather extreme lengths by being both monogamous and incredibly serious, as with Licence to Kill, it’s really up to the viewer how they like Tim’s Bond. For me, it’s a good, solid plot without the campness, and I like it - it’s a bit of gritty realism, while still an enjoyable romp. There are some slow points, and it’s probably the driest spy film since Dr No, which is why I generally prefer the more graphic Dalton film, and perhaps Bond needs a bit more humour, but next to the latter-Moore era it’s perfect in my view. There’s also the rather bizarre Afghanistan scenario in which we support the Taliban, which of course we did in the 80s, but watching it these days may throw up some issues for people.


Enough with the bloody cello!
A-ha? Really?

Also while we're on the topic, I found this quiz on Flixster - I naturally felt obliged, but I am not signing up to spam to argue, so read on for pedantry:

One of the most prominent villains in the James Bond saga is Jaws, played by Richard Kiel. He was introduced in Moonraker, but later made another appearance in another movie opposite James Bond. Which was it?
 The Spy who Loved me - which was the film before Moonraker, he went off with his girlfriend in Moonraker, remember?

Which James Bond film was the only James Bond film to not have it's name title in the beginning song? [Octopussy]

Considering there were questions about Daniel Craig...

This actor appeared in just one James Bond movie. That movie is widely considered to be the best non-Connery bond film. 

Opinionated much? I would naturally disagree, and a quick check of Wikipedia references (IGN, MSN etc) shows zero agreement with this fact - Goldeneye, The Spy Who and even Live and Let Die were all non-Connery films variously ranked above Lazenby, and on Rotten Tomatoes The Spy who is just above - do not put 'best' anywhere near that film in my presence! Particularly with 'widely considered', unless it's with 'by idiots'

Don't you just hate quizzes when you are right and the quiz is wrong?


  1. Bond pub quizzes are usually wrong, highly infuriating

    I've always regarded Daylights as the better of the two, but not a bad list!

    And OHMSS is blody awful - 'widely considered best', who is this chump?

  2. Goldeneye was good - the best Brosnan one, the N64 game version of the film was much much better.

  3. Sorry for the delay in commenting. Tried several times, but my computer keeps crashing in the final stages of posting the comment...!

    Dalton as Bond just didn't work for me. He didn't really look the part. Craig has the same problem.

    Connery certainly did look the part, as did Moore. Brosnan was exactly as I imagined Bond to be when reading the books: perfect for the role.

    So sadly, no matter how good the movie might otherwise be, if the actor playing Bond just doesn't fit the role the Bond movie isn't going to feature very highly on my list.

    A credible Bond is an important part of it being a good Bond Movie...

  4. I agree Dalton wasn't a very good 'Bond', but to me I rate the film's enjoyment over the portrayal of the character

    Also I'm in the anti-Moore camp - I agree with the 'air of thuggery' attribute that Connery is given which Moore simply lacked, he was 'gentleman Bond'

    But if we take the view that Moore was better - I simply can't say Golden Gun or Moonraker was better than either of Dalton's - which were solid films, I will never put them top, but that's why they're in the middle

  5. Also - indeed loving Goldeneye on N64

    No Oddjob or Golden Gun, of course