23 September 2010

The Bond retrospective - The Top Ten Starts Here

 I have now worked out how many Bond films I consider to be good - ten (pre-Craig) as from here on in I start giving positive reviews, with criticisms, rather than critical reviews with a few decent bits

So anyway, coming in at number ten:

10. Live and Let Die

I don’t know why some people have an issue with the ‘Blaxploitation’ theme of this film, yes it’s slightly cringeworthy but it’s from 1973 and really is not that bad – it’s actually quite a good film. It’s fairly light-hearted, got a fair bit of action, a decent plot and it’s not overly cheesy, as well as having one of the best Bond girls in the form of Solitaire. While it’s certainly not brilliant, Dr Kananga and the voodoo-type Baron Samedi being arguably some of the poorest villains in the series, it is entertaining, which is why it’s a favourite with television networks. Sheriff J ‘Dubya’ Pepper’s first appearance is somewhat of a guilty pleasure (which is more than I can say about his second) and there are a few other memorable scenes that ensure that the first Moore film is at least well-known, even if it’s not all that, and for that it gets a spot firmly in the middle

Brilliant song by Paul McCartney and Wings…when covered by Guns and Roses

Baron Samedi…ooh I’m so scared of your weird cracking head


  1. Don't forget the crocodiles!

    When Moore didn't need a walking stick

  2. Yup, the Crocodiles were good and the title theme was good. So too was the funeral procession and the chase with the double decker bus...

    Best stunt of all though, was the rigged deck of cards that got Solitaire into bed with 007.

    Never works when I try it though...!

    As for the exploitation thing. Probably best to remember that that's how America was in the early 1970's. Starsky & Hutch was from the same era and exactly the same. The movie was just portraying things as they were at the time. Its 37 years old now, so its social history as much as it is entertainment...!

    Overall, Moores first outing as 007 was a good one. Definitely one of my favourites...

  3. p.s. I reckon your no 1 will be the Spy Who Loved me, the debut of the iconic white Lotus Esprit, who's emergence from the sea was even more stunning than Ursula Andress's...

  4. oo spy who at the top

    I shan't be giving anything away - but obviously it will be top five

    (to be honest I haven't even ordered them myself yet)