16 September 2010

Questionable Time

I'm a bit perplexed by Question Time's Labour special

Now at first I found it rather amusing, watching them all scramble over each other over 'left-wing', 'new labour' and unions

However, once they started talking about Tory cuts it became very apparent this was a mistake - as much as Dimbleby tries to play devil's advocate you have five people who are, as D. Mili says, 'all united on this' - that they are all anti-Tory

Allowing them to set up a narrative against 'cuts' and the government was questionable in my view

I think Dimbleby has done reasonably well steering them away from unopposed Tory bashing, and it was inevitable they would bash their main opposition, but it makes me uneasy letting them say 'jobs are going', 'harsh cuts' etc without response

We knew it wasn't going to be balanced, so fair play, but this feels very strange on QT

By the by, Andy Burnham is by far the most appealing to me - not politically, of course, but he's honest, he admits mistakes of the past and he's got a more rational stance - he could've done a lot more before, while in government, but compared to the other three men he's a bloody saint

I like Abbott's sincerity, but she's just too far gone for me

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