22 September 2010

Moyles needs to come back to Earth

Whilst it is regrettable that anyone isn't paid by their employer for two months, I would generally not recommend that media stars have a strop about it live on air

While Chris Moyles is right to feel aggrieved, does he really think whingeing to listeners that he's missed out on two months of his mega-fat paycheck is going to get him much sympathy?

I don't know how much he earns, Wikipedia claim it was 630k in 2007, he took a 20% paycut last year and just signed a new contract (a cock up on that being the reason his pay hasn't come out apparently) so who knows, but we can safely assume it is at least half a mill a year

Or at least 40k a month, roughly double the average annual salary in one month - complaining about missing a bit of this to workers sat in traffic or asleep in their cereal bowl before another full day of work is not going to win much sympathy for a man employed to talk for 3 and a half hours

Moyles responded: "What, because I get paid more than you, if I don't get paid for two months I should just go 'oh well, harrumph'?

Not at all, I do think he has every right to feel annoyed, scale doesn't matter and I'm not going to bash the level media stars earn either, the same way unpaid footballers have a right to their millions - but I question whether he should be airing this

Firstly, as we all know it's unwise for high earners to whinge to the common folk about money, many would consider it tactless and it's natural for people to lack sympathy for a person who earns their annual salary in two weeks - what was he expecting?

Secondly, it's completely unprofessional and an abuse of your position to use your own show to air your issues - most workers do not get this opportunity and generally would not announce a pay issue in the office, let alone the whole country - again, not a reason to show sympathy to someone, it smacks of being self-important

He's entitled to the money, he's entitled to be angry, he's even entitled to not show up for work, but using his show to air it in public? No, just deal with it like the rest of us have to

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