15 September 2010

Stoke the flames!

Nothing like being aggressive and derisory to a country already having several issues with your visit to really stir things up, eh?

These comments weren't made by his Popiness himself, but a senior 'diplomatic' cardinal - and they will now frame the visit even if it wasn't Benedict

The Heathrow comment is slightly inflammatory, but let's be honest - it's true, Heathrow is a bloody hole

The comment that's really going to piss off the already vocal opposition is the aggressive tones about neo-atheism and general condescending attitude to the way we run our country, especially considering they lost this particular flock 400 years ago you'd think they'd have got the message by now

If the church, even if it is an individual's opinion, is going to attack us, then they will get a defence coming squarely back at them

Until now the opposition had general claims of child abuse, homophobia, sexism, promoting AIDS etc, but a largely diplomatic figure who would be hard to land a hit on, now they have a nice little nugget of aggressive Catholicism to rally them and the mostly indifferent population

Just when I thought this visit was going to be rather dull, nice work, Cardinal Kasper!

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