09 October 2010

The Bond retrospective - Number 6

Life is too short to talk about moaners, so I'm finally revealing number six in my unquestionable ranking of Bond films

...you know some people put this bottom...philistines

Bond went for a more 'modern' look
6. Tomorrow Never Dies

A strong follow-up to Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies fits in a decent, coherent plot about a media baron bent on starting world war three for the purpose of selling his papers. Overall it does a good job of finding a contemporary plot, much like its immediate predecessor, however Jonathon Pryce’s portrayal of Elliot Carver doesn’t exactly strike fear into the hearts of small children, and the obvious Murdoch overtones are generally unwelcome, but a mostly enjoyable film nonetheless, oh and the Russian arms bazaar prelude is highly memorable.

Wai Lin kicks ass
Russian Arms Bazaar
Nice song by Cheryl Crow

Rupert Murdoch evil…ragghh!

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  1. Yes, I rather enjoyed this one. Good choice Tarquin.

    Upward & onward to the top 5...