14 October 2010

The Bond retrospective - Top Five

..Starts tomorrow!

For those keeping track, there are going to be three Connery films in the top five, with one Moore and one Brosnan - any guesses? (as to the order, you can surmise the individual titles quite easily)

You might even sway me...


  1. Aw go-on. Give us a list of the remaining titles, or at least a run-down of the bottom 15, as they tend to do on the TV countdowns...

    Can't remember easily what you've covered so far. I'm getting old, like Bond...!

    But Goldfinger is my guess for top, made just as the Bond series was really finding its feet. There's the iconic Aston, a great Burley Chassis theme song, a decent plot, whatsername (Jill somebody) wearing only a suit of gold paint (Phwoar...!)

    And I haven't seen Dr No in your list yet. The first movie in any series is often pretty good, or they wouldn't have been sequels. Maybe Ursula Andress's bikini (PHWOARRRRR...!) will win the day...

  2. My guess would be

    5.Spy who loved me
    3.Dr No
    2.Russia with Love

    I would say the top 2 are interchangeable depends on personal taste I s'ppose.

  3. Should have looked back to this first, as the boiling frog has been very helpful. The final Brosnan was Goldeneye. Yes of course it was, you twit Worzel....!

    I think I'd also put Goldfinger top actually.

    Boiling Frog and TGR Worzel are unanimous in that...!