14 October 2010

The final countdown

As requested, here is the list so far

At 20. The Man with the Golden Gun (M)

19. Die Another Day (B)

18. On Her Majesty's Secret Service (L)

17. Octopussy (M)

16. A View to a Kill (M)

15. Diamonds are Forever (C)

14. Moonraker (M)

13. The World is Not Enough (B)

12. Thunderball (C)

11. For Your Eyes Only (M)

10. Live and Let Die (M)

9. The Living Daylights (D)

8. Licence to Kill (D)

7. You Only Live Twice (C)

6. Tomorrow Never Dies (B)



  1. Cheers mate. Can't remember the third Connery film off the top of my head, though I've clearly got two of them. I won't cheat. I won't consult Wikipedia...!

    The Spy Who loved me, with the submersible Lotus Esprit is the missing Moore. Seeing the sexy white sportscar drive onto the beach had an even bigger impact at the time than Ursula Andress did, but where have you placed this movie...?

    And the missing Brosnan movie completely passes me by. Perhaps that shouldn't be in the top five...?

  2. Have just remembered the remaining Connery movie, just as I clicked the post button. From Russia With Love...

    Funny how the mind retrieves these things sometimes, but I'm still struggling with the Brosnan movie...