02 October 2010

The Bond retrospective - Number 8

Any ideas? Hint: The first film not be based on a Fleming novel

He's not quite got the idea...
8. Licence to Kill

Timothy Dalton’s second, and final, outing is one of those ‘marmite’ Bond films (hell, he’s Marmite Bond), and the debate between which of his is the better is a rather heated one - I am a lover of the latter film, it’s definitely gritty, and the most gory of Bond films, while Robert Davi’s drug lord is far more sinister than the usual caricature villain – if you like lots of guns and anger then this is for you, Dalton doesn’t really deliver on the humour or style, nor are the Bond girls very interesting, but it has to be remembered that Dalton was very much the antidote to the ridiculously cheesy Moore era. Really depends on your taste, but I think it’s certainly a watchable film, and you can't dislike the ending (the one with lots of flammable liquid and a lighter).

Some real action
Desmond Llewelyn’s biggest role

Lacks the style of Bond

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  1. Well that's the two Dalton's out of the way then. You're right about Q's greatest role really helping this film along.

    I'm looking forward to the top 7...!