30 October 2010

Kenny is Mysterion

Ok, so following on from the Coon 2: Hindsight, we got to see a lot of South Park superheroes, and there's rather a lot of debate online over who is who, notably where are Kenny and Kyle

There are eight heroes:

Coon (Cartman)
Toolshed (Stan)
Tupperware (Token)
Iron Maiden (Timmy)
The Human Kite
The Mosquito
and ....Mint Berry Crunch

the other four kids are shown as Kenny, Kyle, Clyde and the rarely used Bradley, presumably thrown in for his blond hair, which matches Kenny's

Mint Berry Crunch must be Kenny or Bradley - while his face is half-obscured, typical of Kenny, I can't believe Cartman would treat Kenny that way, or that Kenny would be that dorky - the hair matches Bradley, and he speaks occasionally

Mysterion, being completely obscured, is Kenny in my mind - doesn't fit very well with the original Coon episode, and in the diner Mint Berry is drinking water instead of a milkshake (i.e. poor) so I suppose Mysterion could be Bradley, but then Kenny has to be an idiot, and there isn't really anything to suggest it's not him, aside from the water (Mint Berry Crunch apparently pays his fees on time, however, which Kenny wouldn't)

We know it's not Kyle, probably everybody's number one choice, due to the original Coon episode - so we know it must be Kenny, Bradley or Clyde

The one scene where the Kite speaks sounds similar to Kyle - and I can't see him being beaten by Cartman, he also uses a familiar pose at the diner

That leaves Clyde as the sappy Mosquito

So this is a bit like one of those logic puzzles where you have to rule people out

Mysterion (Kenny, Bradley, Clyde)
Kite (Kyle, Kenny, Clyde, Bradley)
Mosquito (Clyde, Kyle)
Mint Berry Crunch (Bradley, Kenny)

We shall just have to wait for a later episode for more clues (I don't trust them to actually have a two-parter)


  1. first I think kyle is mosquito and second I think kenny is mint berry crunch because they have the same sort of hair and bradly has a diferent kind of hair but I agree that kennys personality dosnt match.

  2. people are so stupid. THESE ARE THE FACTS.
    Bradley is obviously mint berry crunch.
    Kite has the high voice= KYLE
    Mosquito has a nasally voice= CRAIG
    If you watch the scene when kennys parents are awoken you see kenny run out the window. If you look closley hes carrying a dark blanket like costume which looks exactly like Mysterio's cloak.
    Anyone who doesn't agree with me is a true idiot. Just wait a couple days and watch the new south park.

  3. matthew, you said Mosquito is Craig but Mosquito is Clyde. Craig isn't even the episodes.