09 April 2009

Actual Democracy

Is it just me or does our obsession with polls highlight a major problem in British politics? New polls are released virtually every week, yet the only election that counts is once every four to five years

Now it seems to me that something isn't right - Labour have been trailing badly since before Blair left - in effect Brown has been low in public opinion for nearly two years, with no respite - Labour were creamed in local elections, lost seats in by-elections and yet remain in national power

And yet we pore over the polls looking for upswing or downswing - all based on one point in time that Brown seems determined to make us wait til the very last to receive - what is the point? They provide overwhelming evidence that Brown has no support, and nothing happens because of them - all they are is a talking point until that fateful day

Are they not a massive irony in our 'democracy'?

1 comment:

  1. I don't worry about the polls, we don't need them.

    With personal blogs like ours, the mainstream media blogs (e.g. BBC Daily Politics) and Twitter, we can tell Politicians what we think and make sure the rest of the world hears!