05 April 2009

What a Hoon!

Another one bites the dust

Geoff Hoon has been caught letting out his main home, living in a 'grace and favour' home, and getting expenses on the old constituency home

Now we all know the tabloids are going to drag these up one by one to drag to fill their pages for a good year, (see my earlier request for a comprehensive list of 'good' and 'bad' MPs) - but this is a relevant story, if only to further highlight the inherent corruption within the system

Hoon claims he is within the rules, and no doubt he is within the loosely-worded rules that govern MPs - but I repeat what pretty much every sane person is shouting out: the rules are wrong!

I don't mind Hoon being in a free house - security matters etc - fine by me... but why should he be allowed to earn money on one and then claim money for another while living in a freebie?

Just because you can 'within the rules', does not mean you should, especially in a job where you a representative of the public - it's called ethics, and the fact is the people believe you have done wrong and in no way do we seriously believe you didn't realise what you did was wrong

Writing in the Mail on Sunday Conservative leader David Cameron said the problems in the expenses system were shared by all parties.

"We are all implicated and we must all find a solution," he said.

MPs needed expenses, but there had to be more transparency, he said. He added that if elected the party would end the policy allowing ministers with free homes to claim for a second, which he said had "no justification".

Too late, Cameron - you think we don't know this has been going behind the scenes for years? Likewise Brown's 'suggestions' and his inquiry (that won't be published til after Labour are given the boot) are all too little too late - being caught with your hands in the cookie jar and then decrying the behaviour is not good enough

These people have abused the system and they shouldn't be allowed to get away with it any more - they don't get to change the rules for themselves any more and then cry foul - GET THEM OUT!

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