06 April 2009

Some Data

Found these rather handy tools for analysing MPs expenses: you can see a map of travel expenses here

Note: These are just travel expenses and quite boring if you're a sensationalist - no antique fireplaces or bathplugs

Here is a very good list of MPs total expenses, albeit without the useful receipts that I want, in online spreadsheet form

Specific mention must go to Philip Hollobone who appears to be very careful, and somewhat stingy - he only used a few hundred on stationery and postage, which appears somewhat lazy rather than cost-effective, and still claims the virtually full amount of £23000 second home allowance (which is the big part of the dodgy area anyway) - he just has no staff, I wonder what his service is like - I shall be looking him up

This blog, by the author of the map, Tony Hirst, is awesome

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