15 April 2009

What would YOU do?

The 'smeargate' story continues to bore me, and there seems to be little else in the typical Easter lull (especially as Brown's legislative programme this year is disgracefully small)

But I have got to thinking - if you were the dear leader, what would you do if your senior ministers were being called crooks and liars? Brown has yet to be caught out himself and I personally would want to ditch the liabilities - only he can't

He has offered feeble defences of Smith ('it's a personal matter') ignoring the wider issue which the other parties are keen to jump on - but I have since realised that he doesn't have a choice, Labour have no one left - Smith was already the bottom of the Labour-talent barrel

So Gordon, whether he wants to or not, has his hands tied

Of course, if I actually were Gordon I wouldn't have sought to oust the real leader to suit my own thirst for power, then do bugger all as I refuse the electorate a say for as long as legally possible

You do have a choice Gordon - it's called an election, and it's the right choice

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