06 April 2009

Gordon's achievements

While we've all been forced to look at Gordon hob-knobbing with all the other world leaders, it stuck me that I don't actually know why Gordon is a 'world leader' - what has he actually done?

Yeah he's pumped money into the banks, and I'm sure he'll provide a list of spending on the NHS and employment figures (which no doubt will refer to achievements pre-2007) but what has he actually done - what laws has he changed? What has been done to improve the lot of the average British citizen?

I mean this totally honestly - what has he done? When you think of Tony Blair, aside from the Iraq war, you can find - Minimum Wage, Tuition Fees, Devolution, The Human Rights Act, the London Mayor, Freedom of Information, Civil Partnerships (among many other such laws), Fox Hunting...

You may not believe these are good things, or achievements - but they are significant pieces of legislation, a lot of which were passed in the first few years

Could you show me anything substantial that has passed through Gordon's team? The shelved anti-terrorist 42 day detention amendment? The (in)Equalities Bill? Eco-towns are a disaster, they haven't halted ID cards, they haven't actually introduced any constitutional reform, just a few consultations and inquiries, they haven't revoked SOCPA that prohibits protest outside parliament (If you're wondering why I'm talking in negatives, these are things Brown aimed to deal with when he came to power)

A lot of attention has been placed on the 'global financial system' - and fair enough that takes up time - but considering the amount of effort put onto the bizarre hobby-horse that is the Equalities Bill, and the grand gesturing that was '42 days' you would think there was enough space in government to deal with something other than the economy - I mean why have a Home Office, as well as Education, Health, Transport offices etc if not to focus on those areas?

Seems to me they aren't actually doing anything any more - maybe Britain is completely as it should be - or it takes over a 100 people in government to solely deal with economic matters?

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