09 April 2009

Huge bias

As per my decision to highlight the many contradictory examples when idiots claim the BBC is biased towards Labour:

Gordon Brown gives his first interview after the g20 (is that like an election to him?) to Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2

The calls were clearly vetted to provide support to our ailing Dear Leader...

What was that last one on about? - she doesn't even provide any reasoning, you know, like 'you saved the world...I mean banks' - sounds like a party plant if you ask me


  1. If people like us have got our critical heads on, we can make our own minds up about what the media is telling us.

    The worry, I suppose, is for those who are too naive to critically interpret what they're reading, hearing or seeing...

  2. Most of the bias I've found is just right-wingers wanting their own views to be espoused and then crying bias when they don't get fox news - still, it narks me when they say the bbc is biased as one: I disagree, and two: I view it as a threat to probably the best broadcaster in the world