03 April 2009

"We're so Important"

For one of the biggest days in politics this year, the news is incredibly slow

It goes to show that the mainstream media is very lazy and as long as its given a major story it won't go much further - who knows what the government are up to as we sit here

There are some stories - Shearer at Newcastle being the most interesting if you ask me, I thought it had to be an April fool's joke - especially as the BBC hadn't picked it up a few hours after I initially heard, even when they did I still thought they'd been had - but yes, he is going to the soap opera that is Newcastle, and in this blogger's opinion: thank God - the only thing football pundits are interested in is the big name teams and the title race, or the trials and tribulations of joke clubs like Newcastle and Spurs, so I'm very happy there's some actual news (because focusing on the nitty-gritty of the league would be dull, wouldn't it)

But I don't really want to focus on football again - I have to practice restraint or I'd be at it every day...maybe I'll start a new blog...hmmm

Anyway, the best story I could find was Boris being brilliant in front of a bunch of twattish Labour MPs on a select committee - watch it and make up your own minds, I thought the partisan nature of the committee, who seemed to think Boris could've done something about a foot of snow, was pretty appalling and yet more reason to want the political classes out - Labour's continued party political behaviour, in particular over both the London mayor, and the G20 has frankly disgusted me

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