18 May 2009

Cameron heads into an open goal

You've got to admit - 'Call me Dave' is now running rings around Brown

Cameron has now jumped on the 'call an election' bandwagon, although he has asked Gordon to call one in the past few weeks, this is a big call, and based mostly on the expenses scandals

This will go down ridiculously well with voters, the vast majority are now thoroughly fed up with politics, and Cameron now sounds like the golden boy

It remains to be seen if the Tories will suffer from the expenses themselves, but it seems likely to be negligible (at least at Westminster)

Of course, Brown has now had his hand forced - he will now face massive pressure to call an election, but will never give in before next summer because when he actually calls it Cameron will get the credit - so nothing has really changed except Brown now needs an even bigger miracle in the next 12 months

It was only a matter of time before Brown had his pants pulled down in front of the whole audience - that's what partly annoys me about Brown, not only he is a useless PM, but he's utterly crap at politics - he has no grace, nothing that endears him to people - he just looks like a giant rock in the middle of the road - he wanted to be PM, he is, and now he refuses to face the electorate, and he's never been seen to be doing anything else but clinging on

In my opinion, Gordon - here's what you should of done: Assuming you had cancelled the snap election, you should have then announced an election after a four year term - keeping it like the convention Blair had set up and keeping people happy - indefinitely refusing people their election until the very last minute was never likely to be a popular move was it?

Now I know I despise politics and all the games Cameron is playing - I do, and I agree totally with Cleggy:
"I think we need much, much bigger change in this country than the superficial point-scoring by David Cameron."

Of course it is - it's cynical and manipulative, and I won't be voting Tory - but that doesn't mean I can't respect Cameron's playing of the game, if you're going to do something wrong you may as well do it right

*But no, you're nowhere near Disraeli's brilliance yet, Dave

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