24 May 2009

A day off?

Apparently it's a long weekend

I didn't know this, and thinking we only had two in August, I looked it up - on what has to be the first government website I've ever found helpful (seriously, do they deliberately set out to tell you nothing?)

Lo and behold, I was wrong - but what I did notice that in rather brazen fashion it declares that we (ie. England and Wales) get eight days, Scotland get nine, and Northern Ireland ten

Now this I already knew, but seeing it on the government's own website, willingly admitting that the Scots and Irish get better treatment than the other 55 million of us just really set me off

I mean, if you were the one setting up that website (not that you, as a lackey, have any power of course) wouldn't you just think that it's a bit unfair to give certain citizens of the same bloody country an extra day off?

Why has this never received more attention than a few petitions and facebook groups? Why don't the government address a frankly glaring inequality? (stop laughing)

My mind does wonder if it's because public holidays count as eight of your statutory 28 days leave (and another thing - when did 'holiday' become 'annual leave'? - I thought somebody had left for a year off or something when I first heard that) - maybe all it would do is restrict holiday times - but it is well-known we get a raw deal, with the lowest amount of public holidays in the western world - and it's not even the whole country!!

What a jip - I think they should have Question Time in Edinburgh near St. Andrew's day and have a question asking, "should shops open on this bank holiday" or something - and then the English viewers go "what bank holiday...? Oi Maureen, is it a bloody bank holiday? It's November!"

Then we'd have some fun

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