16 May 2009

Don't fear the BNP

That title sounds like I'm going to promote them, I'm not

But I am getting a little bit fed up of politicians (mostly Labour) telling us to be careful of giving the BNP a voice

By this they basically mean a) If you don't vote Labour/Tory/LD then they might get in b) If you don't vote, they might get in

This is complete bullshit of course - I have written extensively on the flaws of our electoral system, can you honestly see a way through to Westminster for a bunch of fringe racists? How many parties have failed to even win one seat? The Greens, UKIP, even the Lib Dems can barely overturn a 'big two' seat, it is nonsense to try to scare people that if they don't vote Labour the BNP will win

As Guido points out, UKIP are on 19%, the BNP are only on 4% - this is completely predictable to anyone using rational thought process, UKIP made massive ground last time, and with our general pre-disposition to Euroskepticism it's hardly surprising they're the party of choice

Now while it's true (ex-)Labour areas are unlikely to opt for the Tories in another guise, and some will venture into the far-right socialists' arms, it seems unlikely people will go out en masse to vote for the racists, remember our whole system is built to keep the major parties in power, and if a local area really faces an obvious threat from them, it's easy enough to mobilise an electorate on the local level - I find it far more believable that the Lib Dems, who tend to have thousands of votes in Labour safe seats anyway, will take the seats

As for saying 'if you don't vote, they'll take it through your apathy' - again, manipulation, knowing people would never vote Tory instead, they're trying to serve their own cause - in reality people are probably going to descend on polling day to wipe Labour off the face of the Earth, and one would hope people like the Lib Dems know a thing or two about winning seats

Truth be told, if people did come out to vote BNP in large numbers, then so be it - that's democracy, and in Europe it may happen - but so what if we send one or two racist lunatics to Brussels? Most other countries do it, we use a PR system in Europe and if people vote for them they may well get a seat or two, I see nothing wrong with that (in principle), we currently have one of them on the London Assembly - has the capital fallen apart yet?

Labour believe in banning people who say nasty things, I don't - they can say what they want and people can vote how they want, no matter if I agree or not, but Labour seem to make out it would be a criminal offence for them to be elected - they have no respect for people's opinions, if most of the population were racist then we would be a racist country, fortunately we're not, but that element will always be there if we remain a free country

And I don't think you can argue that they are misrepresented when they are branded by every single politician and news outlet as racist - it's pretty clear people know what they're getting, some people are idiots, but unfortunately people being idiots is what keeps our parties in power, so it's a bit late to change the game now

If the British public actually choose them, that's their choice - but I think
1) the vast majority of people aren't so stupid as to vote for them (especially when they have UKIP first)
2) the vast majority of people are still stupid enough to still vote Tory
3) The system is heavily against small parties, whatever Labour say (see: six million Lib Dem voters)

But what really disgusts me is that the main parties are just trying to keep themselves in parliament to serve their own interests - this is something I've always regarded about our political parties

So when they mouth off and say 'ooo if you don't vote for us, you'll get the BNP', ignore them! They are disrespecting our democratic process and the smaller valid parties like UKIP, Greens, Jury Team and Libertas - all they are doing is trying to make sure they remain in power and that other people don't get in - go and support a party or an independent in your area and you might actually win, don't be fooled into thinking it will mean the 'scary' BNP take over the country

If anything, this shows how unrepresentative our electoral system is - it's wrong to try and vote tactically, voting to keep one party out rather than the one you want in - it should wake people up to the fact that in reality their voices aren't heard, and that's why nobody votes any more, and defending that system helps no-one

So go out and vote for whoever you want

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