09 May 2009

MPs are alright...right

I noticed a particularly wretched defence of MPs in the Times today

I highlight this as another example of the broadsheets yet again jumping to the defence of MPs, I ranted about it at length a month ago so won't repeat myself

As far as I'm concerned it shouldn't matter that the system is corrupt, a politician should have integrity (ha..ha) and a sense of right and wrong, they really don't sacrifice that much for us and don't let sympathetic journalists fool you otherwise

Can you really defend Keith Vaz's second London home 12 miles away from his million-pound other one? Full details here

*NB, I don't believe *all* MPs are up to it, extreme cases like Vaz, McNulty and Smith are certainly the minority, but I wouldn't be surprised by anything up to 20% were this bad - and there are probably only a similar amount that are really conscientious about it, and they put everyone else in the House to shame, so I fail to see how most MPs can be defended

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  1. Yes, but I think the problem goes beyond MP's to include the Sir Humphreys who said "Yes Minister" too readily and approved claims that they shouldn't have...